Knox Heritage Place was established in 1984 under a CMHC program to provide affordable housing in the community. It is managed by Knox Oakville Non-Profit Homes for Seniors Inc., a non-profit corporation with a volunteer board of directors.

There are 80 apartments on four floors, comprised mostly of one-bedroom units, with some two-bedroom units. A $1.7 million renovation took place in 2015 upgrading the kitchen and bathroom in each apartment and replaced all the water supply and return plumbing in the building.

There is a well used common room, The Richard Green Room, with a fireplace, piano, television, library and informal seating arrangement. Amenities include a laundry room with four washers and dryers, a solarium and door leading to the rear of the building where gardening enthusiasts have garden plots. A guestroom is available at a nominal cost for visiting friends and family. A large patio with a barbecue for all the residents is located at the rear of the building overlooking the ravine. Entrance to the facility is closely controlled with key-fob access and security cameras monitor all common areas.

Apartments are equipped with a refrigerator and stove. The heating is electric, and individual thermostats are in the living room, bedroom and bathroom of each unit.

Rents for apartments are consciously established at the lower end of the market for Oakville. There are some subsidized apartments where qualifying tenants pay rent geared to their income.


Melissa Zentner

Property Maintenance

Barry Brown

Debra Henley

Matthew Malinowski

John Thompsett

Jim Workman

Board of Directors

Clayton Shold, Chair
Ian Molyneaux, Treasurer
Duncan Turnbull, Secretary
John Aitken
Peter Kaps
Angus Kennedy
Alex McLean
Dave Newton
Brett White
Keith Wilkinson