Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

Yes. The number on the list fluctuates. Please contact us for more information.

How many of the apartments receive a subsidy?
Presently 41 of the 80 units receive a subsidy based on a “rent geared to income” formula. This subsidy is provided by Halton Region.

Who owns Knox Heritage Place?
Knox Heritage Place is our common name. Our legal name is Knox Heritage Place Inc. which is a registered not-for-profit Corporation, without share capital, under the laws of Ontario. The Corporation owns and operates Knox Heritage Place.

Who “runs” Knox Heritage Place?
Knox Heritage Place employs a full time, on-site Administrator to oversee the day to day operations and reporting requirements. There is a full-time “handy person” who looks after maintenance of the facility. We also have a number of “security tenants” who assist during non-business hours. The Administrator reports to an eleven person Board of Directors.

How is Knox Presbyterian Church involved?
Knox Presbyterian Church members formed the Corporation back in 1984 under a Central Housing and Mortgage Corporation program aimed as providing affordable housing.  Knox Heritage Place has been fortunate to receive excellent stewardship over the years from church members.
The church does not have any direct or in-direct financial interest or ownership in the Corporation.

As a tenant, can I run for the Board of Directors?
Unfortunately not. Residents or tenants or their relatives are not permitted membership in the Corporation, thus are not eligible to be elected to the Board.

Does Knox Heritage Place get audited?
Yes indeed. We are proud to say BDO Canada LLP has been our auditor for many years. A copy of the most recent auditor’s report can be downloaded here.
Halton Region also conducts a detailed review of our administration of the rent geared to income program.